Plextone EX1 2 Speed Hurricane Turbo Fan Radiator


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  • Hurricane turbofan
    Heatsink EX1 break the freezing point in three minutes. Imprevesneat dissipation, efficiency by 150%
  • Two-speed temperature adjustment
    Built- in two-speed temperature adjustment, can switch between extreme cold mode and overclocking mode.
    The green light is on for extreme cold mode. The blue light is on for overclocking mode, and the continuous game will not freeze.
  • Restore “Yuanshen 120Hz” high brush.
  • Aviation grade TEC chip
    Enhanced refrigeration With hard power, the temperature of the mobile phone is softened, and the mobile phone is hoty stuck
  • Hot air does not blow hands, designed for mobile gamers
    The side air duct spacing has been redesigned, strong wind blows up, sprays out quickly, weak wind blows down, not hot in hand
  • LED display
    Observe temperature-changes at any time, LED smart temperature display, Rapid cooling, real-time update of contact surface temperature.
  • Mobile phone back clip & magnetic
    Fits Apple 8/10/11/12/13 phones, tablets and most of the devices.
    Android mobile phones without magnetic suction can be used either magnetically or with a back clip.


  • Brand: Plextone
  • Product Model: EX1
  • Product Material: PC + ABS + aluminum alloy + pure copper motor + magnet
  • Product Size: 60.5mm * 60.5mm * 23.8mm
  • Overall Power: = 10W
  • Product Weight: 62g
  • Interface Type: type-C
  • Length of Charging cable: 1m
Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 12 cm


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