OSTONE Healthy Super Light Rhinitis Therapeutic Apparatus


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1) Healthy nose blood easy and smooth

2) Researched and developed according to modern laser medical science,clinical practice and semiconductor laser therapeutic of 660nm 8-12 mw when producing the wavelength to adopt the semiconductor activate the biochemical function of the blood physiology,improve the flowing and changing the sex of the blood cell,mention Gao Hong’s cell’s biological activation,reduce the gathering function of the blood platelet.

3) Efficiency of the product:lowers the fat and dispels the artery sclerosis;open blood lowers and resumes blood vessel elasticity;regulate the nerve ,strengthen the blood supply and support oxygen

4) Application:suitable for various kinds of diseases that “high fat of blood,high blood pressure,high blood viscidity” cause;Subhealthy state caused by blood viscidity increases”;Suitable and acute ,chronic rhinitis ,rhinitis,shrinking rhinitis;Clod and nasal obstruction,nose itching,sneeze caused ,tears,headache flow and so on.

5) Power: 2 x AAA batteries (included)

6) Hot computer size: 90x65x20mm

7) With 2 light source over coat

8) Regulate the nerve,strengthen the blood supply and support oxygen

9) Have good effect

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