Octopus Flexible Tripod Gorilla Pod for Camera and SLR – Large


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  • Open the packaging of the product, and found that this is indeed a very lightweight product.
  • Measurements size 250x60x60mm, up and down, its weight is only 225 grams 3000 g loading.
  • Its overall appearance and other tripod no difference.
  • However, a closer look will find, are three legs, but the leg is not stretched, but to any distortion.
  • Tripod with a natural rubber as the main material, this material highlights its wear resistance and applicability, the combination of the spherical body to highlight the sense of perspective, stylish appearance and its portability makes it the photography enthusiasts the right-hand man.
  • Will find that careful observation of the basic structure of the tripod, each leg is composed of many little flat ellipsoid. See instructions on the nine joint action are capable of 360 degree rotation of all joints want to rotate in one direction, Gorillapod can be turned into a circle like. Such distortions, it can be very strong winding lived most objects, in order to achieve the role of a tripod, set the camera self-timer Specifications
  • Support: studio with large cameras and professional tripod head
  • Maximum load: 3000 g
  • Camera Interface: Standard 1/4-20 screw
  • Size: 250 x 60 x 60mm
  • Weight: 225 g

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