Multipurpose 80 Gram Super Clean Miracle Cleansing Gel


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To clean your electronic goods and accessories has never been so easy and fun!

  • In particular, the computer keyboard, use the TV remote control or telephone, we continuously formed on electronic equipment from dust, dirt and germs, disinfects. Car interior cleaning is also ideal for.
  • Soft pasty Super Clean cracks, gaps, spacing, entering dust, dirt, residues such as hair gets pulled. We will prepare a pristine working environment.
  • The study of microbes in our environment and to our health at home this season, especially the more dangerous forms. Super Clean hard to reach all areas easily cleans and purifies from germs by disinfecting. Contains ingredients such as soap and water are not able to safely use for all electronic appliances. In addition, no cleaning agents do not need to.
  • When you store private practice in the package you can use over and over.

Product Features:

  • Disinfect all your devices with proven capability and can be used safely for electronic goods.
  • Use a damp cloth after cleaning the dirty feeling, providing it does not cause scars. Without a trace reaches every corner of every range and makes immaculate.
  • Cleaning can use for a long time without losing its properties.
  • Thanks to the practical packaging at home, office, car, purse can keep flooring.
  • Super Clean?? Then an extra effort to use, press on your belongings, do not need to look no further.
  • Does not contain soap and water.
  • Is produced with advanced technology and are environmentally friendly.

Package Contents:

  • 1 Super Clean Cleaning Dough

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