Mini Digital Camera DVR with Night Vision


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  • This machine has built-in rechargeable lithium battery, please charge for the initial use, and follow the below
  • ways to charge:
  • Connect it to computer via Use USB data line to charge
  • Can use Charger to charge, connect it to charger via USB data line and plug the charger in plug socket.

Notice: When charging, blue light is off and red light flashes indicates charging, machine with electric lights,
red light without flashing means fully charged.

State of Indicator:

  • If low battery, machine lights will flash and shutdown. The current record file will automatically be saved If memory card is full, blue light will flashes fast and shut down and current record file will automatically be saved

  • Red light and red light will flash fast if no memory in machine and automatically shut down in 10 seconds.
  • In any state of standby mode, if machine has been idle without any operation, machine will shut down in 1 minute.
  • In video’s standby mode, blue light is off and red light is on. Blue light flashes regularly in video’s working mode.
  • In standby mode of photographing, red light is on. In working mode of photographing, blue light flashes one time
  • for one picture without red light.
  • in standby mode sound recording, red and blue lights on at the same time. In working mode of sound recording,
  • blue light on and red light regularly flashes.

Sound recording:

  • boot to video mode, press button MODE for once, red light off, blue light on, means enter into photographing mode,
  • press button MODE again, red light and blue light both on at the same time, now machine enter into standby mode
  • of separate recording, now press ON/OFF one time, blue light on and red light flashes slowly, machine starts recording
  • sound. In this state, press ON/OFF again for stopping. After machine starts recording, it continues to record and saves
  • one file every 15 minutes unless there is a manual stop. File will be automatically saved and machine will shut down if
  • there is no power or memory.

Charging video:

  • Connect charger to power by data cable. When connecting to power, red light of machine; flashes means charging.
  • Now long press button MODE, red light on and machine enter into the state of video recording, machine automatically
  • boot and enters into the mode of video recording, now you can operate machine as usually.
  • Machine can record sound and video, photograph etc. if not long press button MODE, machine charges after connecting
  • to power, red light flashes and blue light off means charging, red light on if fully charged.


after boot machine,if you want to shut down machine in any mode, just long press button ON/FF

for 5 minutes, blue light off means shutdown. If machine shuts down during recording, file will be

saved automatically.


When the machine is not able to work normally because of illegal operation or other unknown

reasons, you can reset it by long pressing button MODE and at the same time pressing ON/OFF

button, indicator is off means successfully reset. Now you can boot and use machine normally.


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