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LED Light Beauty Therapeutic Facial Mask


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  • Designed to cover the whole face and evenly target blemishes, remove acne-causing bacteria, and stimulate collagen production to give you that radiant glow
  • LED beauty mask effect: whitening skin, shrink pores, hyperplasia of collagen, increase skin luster and elasticity, anti-aging, firming skin, improve dark circles, bags under the eyes, fine lines, fade dark spots and dry spots, promote wound healing, improve oil pox skin, inhibit acne removing acne, wound bacteria, improve allergic skin, dispelling red blood, accelerate the absorption of skin care products, improve the quality of sleep.
  • Activated the collagen: Promote skin collagen growth, make the skin more translucent and whitening.
  • Tighten Pores: Tighten pores, making the skin firmer, improve skin brightness, more smooth and elastic.
  • Accelerate Detoxification: Effectively accelerate skin metabolism rate, promote the excretion of toxins of skin.


  • Voltage: 3.7 V-5 V
  • Color: Clear
  • Material: ABS
  • Light Color: Red, Blue, Yellow
  • Light Type: LED
  • Size: 21*15.5*11cm/8.27*6.10*4.33inch (approx.)
  • Application: Home Use, Salon
  • Function: Wrinkle Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Moisturizing, Nutrition Lead in
  • LED Light Photon Therapy:
    • Red Light: 620nm-750nm
      1. Whitening your skin and reduce fine lines.
      2. Shrinking your pores and smooth your skin.
      3. Improve problem skin and repairs blemished skin.
      4. Lock Water and Supply Water to Skin, reduces skin sensitivity.
    • Blue Light: 470nm-495nm
      1. Smooth skin, rejuvenates sensitive skin.
      2. Increase skin elasticity, firming your skin.
      3. For tender, dark, uneven color, wrinkles, rough pores, dry, dull and loose facial skin.
    • Yellow Light: 590nm-620nm
      1. Through the skin 3-5mm, strengthen your muscles and immune system.
      2. Restores the balance of sensitive skin.
      3. Increase skin elasticity, tighten skin.
  • How to Use
    Tips: Every day use, 15mins/time. Recommend use with mask/essence.
    1.Clean your face.
    2.Apply a mask.
    3.Wear the LED mask, and plug in.
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1 x 3 Colors LED Light Faceshield

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