iBeauty Nano Handy Mist Portable Mini Moisturizing Beauty Equipment Moisturizing Body Spray


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  • More than 160,000 times per second, vibrating ultra-high-speed vibration technology, the ultrafine particles touching every inch of skin, penetrate to the stratum corneum, the skin depth of continuous moisturizing, moisturizing. Because water molecules have been converted into ultrafine particles, even after the use of makeup on, do not worry about makeup avalanche!
  • * Can also be used for body, hair and other … … other parts of the maintenance.
  • * Simple design, just gently slide the slider open, beauty control beauty lotion immediately distributed ultrafine particles for 30 seconds will automatically stop beauty.
  • * Matte design, fashion to beauty device of a type, can the United States and the United States out of moisture! Free to paste stones, to create their own personalized beauty device.
  • * Small size, can carry at any time to add moisture to dry skin.
  • Instructions for use:
  • 1 Open the back cover, pour the liquid beauty, 30 seconds is about 0.5ml
  • 2 will cover the surface of sliding machine, distribute cosmetic liquid jet immediately after 30 seconds will automatically stop. (Makeup on the face prior to about 5 cm from the use of makeup from the face after about 15 cm use)
  • 3 after use, then slide to cover up, if there is residual fluid beauty can slide open to use the slide again.
  • When to use:
  • 1 dry skin: Dry skin can quickly eliminate a sense, full of elasticity and supple skin.
  • (2) Air drying: This fly when the necessities, and whether it is hot in the cold office or car, or anything that makes you feel the same need when water supplies are using nano-spray
  • 3 when the skin tight or irritation: skin irritation or sunburn when the sun used. After the sauna bath or feel the skin tight or the use of skin discomfort.
  • 4 makeup: make-up make-up before using for a long time to provide sufficient moisture to ensure the skin is not tight, make-up again after use to provide water supply can make the skin look more dynamic.
  • Easy to deal with wrinkles and whitening management: pay your skin every morning and evening, with a nano-aerosol spray of water vapor is not easy to be absorbed directly flow characteristics, and water vapor can make wrinkles and whitening of great help.
  • Beauty massage or facial mask: in the beauty mask or facial massage to stimulate the use of nano-aerosols are, you can quickly restore the skin condition.

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