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  • Even though summer is almost over, keeping cool is important all year around. iTWorks is ready to lend a hand with the HandyCooler. USB powered and about the size of a soda can, this little swamp cooler can blow a cool breeze on you where ever you go. Swamp coolers are an old trick for keeping cool, using air flow to help evaporate water and lower temperatures.
  • Modern air conditioners use the same principle with freon or other substances in a closed system which manages to recycle the coolant. With the HandyCooler you need to soak the sponge every so often to keep it from just blowing regular air. If you need to use it on the go you can run off of 4 AA batteries for about 5 hours.
  • The HandyCooler can be used at just about any angle when held by hand (and handstrap), or using the adjustable output while standing it upright. The USB power option is provided by an included USB to DC adapter cord. An optional AC adapter is available for purchase as well. They come in 3 stylish colors


  • Mini air conditioner
  • It is portable.
  • Package;1pcs/box,size:13.7*5.9*20.7cm
  • Color:Black , pink ,blue

Mini air conditioner

  • Brand
  • Model: Air Condition
  • Package:1pcs/box,size:13.7*5.9*20.7
  • Color: Pink Black and Blue.
  • Applications: It can be used indoor and outdoor. And you can connect the USB plug to the USB
  • jack of your computer or other USB device.
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