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  • The GSM Alarm System supports Watchdog mode, once the sensor in this zone triggered in the preset time, will not alarm, if the sensor hasn’t been triggered in the preset time, will alarm. It is useful for monitoring elders, children and the person on-duty.
  • The GSM Alarm System is equiped with two output relay, one is link-output relay, special for switch on or off appliance while the system alarm, another is independent output relay, it can be switched on or off by SMS commands.
  • The GSM Alarm System is equiped with a LCD display to access the entire operation menu, all operations and settings are visual and intuitive.
  • The GSM Alarm System supports GSM Jammer interference!
  • All you need is a SIMCard which supports Call ID function.


  • Two-way Voice communication;
  • LCD displays the entire setup menu;
  • Armed, Partial Armed(At House or Stay), Disarmed, SOS are available;
  • Armed delay, alarm delay, siren work or not, more other functions are Programmable by user;
  • Watchdog,24Hours Zone, SOS zone are available;
  • Using ICON to display armed, Partial Armed, Disarmed, Power status, Siren status and GSM Signal status.
  • Auto-detect and report, GSM Signal Jammer alarm, SMS Switch is available.

Functions & Features of the GSM Alarm System:

  • GSM Frequency: Dual-Band(900/1800MHz)
  • Supports armed, Partial armed(At House or Stay) or disarmed, SOS by remote control or mainframe keyboard;
  • Supports armed, disarmed, inquiry mainframe status, switch on or off relay output by SMS Commands;
  • Automatically send SMS Alert and dial to the pre-set cell phone when any sensor had been triggered;
  • Equips with 16 Wireless Zones, zone attribute (Normal/At House or Stay mode) and Zone Name is editable;
  • 3 X 24-Hour zones for smoke and gas leakage sensor,1XWatchdog zone for monitoring elder or child, 1XSOS zone for emergency help;
  • Supports 3 SMS Alert Numbers and 5 Calling alert numbers and 20 Alarm Records for owner review;
  • Supports armed delay to give enough time to you go out the home, the delay time is editable by user;
  • Equips with 1 Alarm-Link output relay, once the system triggered, the output will switch on for 4minutes;
  • Equips with 1 independent output relay, it can be switch on or off by SMS Commands. This is very useful for remote switch on light or off while you’re in another city in the night;
  • The Keypad can use as a dialer, the functions like the Cell phone;
  • The external power failure & recovery alert function is optional ;
  • Supports wiretap through the internal microphone;
  • Supports internal Speaker to special user for two-way voice communication;
  • It is Compatible with PT2262/2264 and PT2242 wireless IC;
  • Standby internal rechargeable battery which can last 12 hours;
  • Based on the GSM communication network and Operation Menu Display technology, apply to wide range situations.
  • More programmable functions and features are available.

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