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  • The Multi-function watches USB flash drive is the world’s first integrated LED watches, with is capacity to display the USB disk capacity and design for seismic, anti-static watch style USB flash drive.Can easily display the current time, but also can display the USB available capacity. It’s compact size with an ordinary watch is as easy to wear, cool arc-shaped design, special process for smooth as silk feeling on Surface treatment. Built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer, new cutting-edge and durability digital products.
  • Description of function keys
  • Short press the button to display the time: as figure below; the screen display the current time. Then , 4 seconds later to jump to display the current date. Screen display order: Time – Date
  • Longer press for three seconds the button to display USB flash drive capacity: as figure below: it display the total storage capacity for 1 seconds then display the remaining capacity of the order one seconds, and finally displays the current battery residual power% display order: The total capacity- the “residual capacity”- the residual battery power.
  • Plug USB disk into the computer: LED will run circularly when the data is transferred, LED will display battery power level when no data transmission
  • Adjustment of the clock time
  • Adjustment time can be used in two ways, through the button on the watch to adjust the time, can also be synchronized through a computer to adjust the time.
  • Methods 1: Using the button to adjust the clock time:
  • short press the button, then time display on screen, long press the key for three seconds, to enter the “Time adjustment model
  • short time to press the button to adjust the digital cumulative, long time press three seconds of button to enter the next adjustment options.
  • adjustment options order: clock- minutes- month- date
  • Method 2: Use the computer to adjust the time:
  • Plug the USB of the watch into the computer.
  • Build up a text file ( clock.txt or time. Txt ) in the USB disk, save the current time into text file.
  • Unplug the USB, then, the watch automatically synchronized to the time just creating text documents.


  • Fashion watch design, more intimate for carry your own data with you.
  • Generous strap, wear comfortable.
  • Capacity: 32MB-32GB
  • It integrated watch function is no longer a traditional USB flash drive
  • Integrated LED screen can display real-time USB flash drive storage capacity and remaining capacity, well aware of the storage capacity.
  • Full high-speed USB 2.0 port to indicate transfer data status LED dynamic display more intuitive.
  • Built-in durable lithium battery that charged by USB.


  • Compatibility: designed to USB 2.0 specifications
  • Capacities availability: 8GB
  • Dimensions:210mm(L) x 25mm(W-Max)/ x 10mm(H-Max)
  • weight: 31g
  • Display: Month,Day, Hour, minutes, battery level
  • Built-in Rechargeable lithium battery that charged by USB port

Package Included:

  • 8GB 2.0 USB Memory Flash Multi Function LED Watch Wristband
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