2.5 Watts Wifi Booster Amplifier Extender Signal Enhancer


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1. This 2.4Ghz booster amplifiers the TX output power of your WiFi device to 2500mW [2.5Watt/34dBm] and increase the range,
coverage, strenght and stability of your WiFi network.
2. This booster works bi-directional (TX/RX). it amplifiers both, the output power(TX) are receiving sensitivity (RX) of your WiFi device
3. In comparison: Standard WiFi devices have an output power of 100mW [0.1Watt/20dBm].
4. you dont have to install any drivers or make special configuration. Just connect the booster to the external antenna socket of your
WiFi device (plug & play) and connect your WiFi antenna to the booster.

Supported Standards: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Frequency: 2400-2500 MHz Impedance: 50 OmegaRF Output Power: 2500mW [34dBm]
Transmit Gain: 13-17dB
Receiver Gain: 8-12dB
Input Trigger Power: min.5dBm max. 17dBm (50mW)
Noise factor: 3.0dB(typical)
Operating Temp: -40 Degree bis + 70 Degree

Operating Humidity: up to 95 rel. humidity
Casing: Aluminium
Weight: 400g
Dimensions: 6.5×3.0x1.5 cm

Package included:

1x 2.5w WiFi amplifier

1x power Supply Cable

1x 5dBi antenn

1x 20cm RG316 cable with SMA connector

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